The Genesis

In the project “Genesis” ( 2011 – 2012), I didn’t told a “story” of the creation of the world, but I tried to convey through plastic signs, the ideas beyond biblical story, so the Bible is viewed more profound, to a concept level . In the project, I asked questions and gave vague answers using as a plastic symbol – the eye. I should mention that in my work I treated a structure of abstracted signs that is not supposed to have anything to do with a particular “eye”. The eye is an inner portrait of human being, a plastic sign – symbol for beings. In the project, the idea of uniqueness of each persons “eye” is taken to the limit. If a person can be identified only with the eye mark, then it’s a synthesis of being itself, in a whole character definition. The character is not exactly an “Adam” and “Eve” , there aren’t represented the first humans created by God, but human essence, a symbol for human being. In the “eye” you can see the individual (in terms of contemporary humans who live now) and the sum of all people. Black is just the beginning, the emptiness that contains all, enabling environment for the subject. Environment for births and rebirths. Each character is unique but is also found in the other. The purpose of ambiguous identity of characters is achieved for emphasizing the divine side of man. The plastic rhythms are emphasized and the idea that God can be the same with the human being.