In the project “Stairs” ( 2012 – 2014) I intended to highlight oscillation between the material and spiritual parts of human being. Stairs represent life and the transition from one way of being to another, communication between “heaven” and “earth”, between spiritual and material. “Heaven” symbolizes superior states of being, and “Earth” represents the material world. The person is in a perpetual hesitation between saving, uplifting and degrading actions. I intend to paint the inside part of the human, with worries and revelations on the scale of existence. I plan to represent the individual sometimes relaxed and fallen asleep, like a moment of meditation or deep sleep. Sometimes – to render the human figure full of deep metaphysical anxiety. In all spiritual traditions stairs symbolize progress. Stairs also appear in mythology and religion. All views and all ecstatic mystical experiences involve an ascent to heaven. In the symbolism of the ladder are included ideas of sanctification, death, love and eliberation. The whole spiritual life is expressed through upward movement.