Course: Modern calligraphy and illustration

Calea Victoriei Foundation

2017 – present

In this original and interactive course, we learn to combine modern calligraphy types with watercolor painting techniques.

The word “calligraphy” comes from the Greek “kallos” which means “beautiful” and “graph” signifies writing. This means that each letter can be transformed into an art work. Modern calligraphy experimented during the course, goes beyond the strict rules of the traditional one, by adding a personal touch to writing. Through this workshop, handwriting is transformed into a unique and personal calligraphic style specific for each student.

The course goes even further and discover that beauty does not stop at drawing the letter, but spreads throughout the entire painting – our calligraphic exercise turns into a complex illustration using various techniques of watercolor painting.

At the end of the course, each participant knows to introduce the calligraphy into colourful compositions and transform it into the main subject of an illustration, to draw different types of calligraphy, to exploit different colour combinations, to use different watercolor painting techniques. The workshop is structured in 4 meetings.

  1. Introduction to calligraphy and selection of motivational words

We begin the word painting studio by reviewing the most important calligraphy styles, from medieval manuscripts to contemporary art. Also at this meeting we focus our attention on the most modern visions on present calligraphy, we practice, and select the messages that we will paint.

  1. Modern calligraphy and illustration

We study and practice together the most artistic techniques of writing in combination with the illustration. We also make a synthesis of fauna and flora most often used in creating illustrations. Also, at the second meeting we learn to design and combine various types of compositions containing words and illustrations, we practice painting techniques in the watercolor.

  1. Drawing, painting, exercising. We learn together

At the third meeting, we make a complex composition with an inspirational message in the illustration. We combine the calligraphic and watercolor techniques practiced at the previous meetings on one paper.

  1. We recapitulate what we have learned and ask questions

The final meeting will be dedicated in whole to the exercise. We put into practice the knowledge gained in previous courses.