Course: Aesthetics of painted words

National School of Political and Administrative Studies


This course was dedicated to students coming through the Erasmus program at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. It was a iterative course of two-hour, with its main purpose to accommodate new students and interculturalize them.

During the course we transformed creative writing into an illustration. Calligraphy is a nice way to write and draw words. Through colour, using pencils, brushes and chalk, we transformed 26 letters into small pieces of art.

Whenever we write a message or a word, we communicate not only through the literary part of the word, but also through the chosen background, style, colour and illustrated details. Many see creative writing as a new art style, however, the art of writing beautiful letters follows the steps of the calligraphic art from ancient times, when the monks wrote manuscripts centuries before the appearance of the printing.

The course does not only stop to the beauty of painted letters, but also how they can communicate and transmit to us different emotions at the subconscious level through the way they are being painted.