Course: Painting and Drawing

Association of Patients with Autoimmune Disorders

2012 – 2014

I held a weekly painting and drawing workshop at the Association of Patients Autoimmune Disorders. The course was dedicated to patients within the association.

During the workshop I taught a wide series of plastic art techniques; I will enumerate only a few of them: drawing with charcoal, pencils and colored pencils, tempera painting, acrylic and watercolor on various supports such as textiles, paper, glass and wood. We have made a long journey from the artistic anatomical drawing (drawing of hands and face details, self-portraits) to the traditional painting of icons on glass, we have also reached to the non-traditional painting when we have done a common work on textile in acrylic, or painting on T-shorts as well as wooden or ceramic objects. Every week I came up with new topics and techniques, and the very good results and the positive response of the students did not delay to appear.

The initial purpose of the course was to learn the basics of painting and drawing, but in the end, the workshop had a much deeper influence on therapeutic effect and contributed to the well-being of each participant.